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Welcome to the PMCC dedicated Mini page.

Here you can find details specific to mini racers in our club.

PMCC run a Mini track, at Harrisville (Summer)

Supporting kids and also catering for Pitbikes


50cc Intro Trail 4-7yrs (4 Stroke)

50cc Intro MX 4-7yrs (2 Stroke)

50cc MX 6-8yrs (2 Stroke)

65cc 7-8yrs (2 Stroke)

65cc 9-11yrs (2 Stroke)

Trail 7-11yrs (70-149cc 4 Stroke)

Pitbike Junior (Under 16yrs)

Pitbike Senior 16+yrs 


      Required Safety Gear

Long sleeve shirt

Long pants 

Motocross boots or boots up to knee height 


Gloves (recommended)

Goggles (recommended)

Body armour (compulsory on race days)

Remove bike stands off bikes

Specs for Pitbike Class

190cc or less 4 stroke engine

Maximum wheel size: 14 inch front & 12 inch rear

For safety reasons, when signing on we will also be checking helmet codes to ensure they are up to standard and within intended manufacture dates for use.

We welcome all newcomers to join in on PMCC race & practice days 

so come along and give it a go!

Mini's are allowed to do 2 club race days before they need a MNZ Licence.


Denise McCorry / Paul Cunningham

Mini Track  021 279 4803 / 021 308 807



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