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New to Motocross?

Frequently asked questions

Welcome to the Pukekohe Motorcycle Club website

We answer some frequently asked questions and help guide you into the sport within PMCC.

Below is to be used as a guide only. The club can make changes from time to time.

Please contact the club if you are unsure.


Harrisville Tracks

PMCC runs 2 tracks at Harrisville, Tuakau in the summer due to a clay base that can get muddy with rainfall. 1 is a mini track for ages up to 12 and the other is the main track for riders above 12 or younger should they be more advanced.

Tell me more about Harrisville practice and clubdays

Check out the dedicated Harrisville page here

When can I ride?

As a rule of thumb the club runs 1 practice day a month and one club/race day a month.

The practice days are usually on the first Saturday of the month and run from approx. 12pm to 4pm.

The club/race days are full day events which award points in summer or winter series and are usually run on the 3rd Sunday of each month.

We are unable to allow use of the tracks outside of these set times.

What other events do the club run?

From time to time, larger one-off events are run such as the annual Auckland Champs at Harrisville and usually 1 national event each year. Our upcoming events can be found on the events page

How can I get involved?

The club committee is made up entirely of volunteers who love the sport. 

If you would like to be involved please feel free to come to our committee meetings.

Tuesday night after club days

Harrisville Clubrooms

Gerahty-Maber Road,



All welcome

What class do I enter in on a Practice Day? Who will I ride with?

Practice days are the best way to get involved and get your feet wet before getting into the racing side at club days. They are designed to be low key, go at your own pace events running for 3-4 hours only with approx. 3 rides of 15 or so minutes.

This is based on skill level. Please assess and make judgement for yourself. Classes are divided as below. Less or more classes may be added according to numbers. If you are starting out, C class is best suited.

Senior (Above 16 years)

A - Senior

B - Senior

C - Senior

Junior (8-16 years)

A - Junior

B - Junior

C - Junior

Mini (4-11 years on mini track)

A - Mini

B - Mini

C - Mini


Required Safety Gear

Long sleeve shirt

Long pants 

Motocross boots or boots up to knee height 

Suitable motocross helmet

Gloves (recommended)

Goggles (recommended)

Body armour (compulsory on race days)

Remove side stands off bikes

What is a transponder and do I need one?

A transponder is a device that gets attached to your motorcycle for us to keep score and collect timing data.

The club owns transponders and allows use of them on race days for $5.

A transponder is not required on a practice day but may be required on a race day as it helps us keep a track of riders from a safety aspect.

Where can I get a bike from and what is best suited for me?

Stop into any reputable motorcycle dealer to discuss your needs. We recommend taking a look in MR Motorcycles in Pukekohe. They have a huge range of motorcycles and gear for all budgets. Check them out at

What is an MNZ licence and do I need one?

MNZ stands for Motorcycling New Zealand. As PMCC is affiliated with MNZ, we adhere to guidelines set by the governing body. You will require an MNZ licence for any racing event held by PMCC. You will not require one for a practice day.

I don't have a licence but I want to race a club day?

You can apply for a one-event licence on the day of the event which is a straight forward form and a small fee.

How do I get a licence?

Easy, check out the MNZ website for details at

How do I become a club member?

Easy, fill out the application form online here

What benefits do I get as a club member?

Discounted entries, access to coaching days, ability to apply for MNZ licence, eligibility to series awards and placings and more.

Does the club have bikes I can use?

Unfortunately not, there are usually demo days run by dealers that you can try bikes before you buy. You will need to provide your own motorcycle and make sure it is in good working order.

We welcome all newcomers to join in on PMCC race & practice days 

so come along and give it a go!

Mini's are allowed to do 2 club race days before they need a MNZ Licence.


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